BARESLAN SLU is a company that was founded in 1993 and specializes in the manufacture of mechanically weldments. The company is located in Erandio near the Basque capital city of Bilbao, (Spain).

For over 10 years we develop and manufacture complex components and various models of Access Covers for different sectors and applications:

  • Water Treatment sector, drinking and waste water.
  • Railway sector.
  • Port sector.
  • Telecommunications sector and networking technology
  • Renewable energies sector.
  • Underground transformers centers.
  • Intersection Chambers.
  • Precast concrete parts.
  • District heating
  • Safety Technology
  • Sanitary clean/ Hygienic
  • Mobility and Logistics
  • Supply and disposal
  • Tunneling
  • Civil engineering sector

Our covers have been CERTIFIED and proved regarding resistance and water tightness by different and independent laboratories, all commercialized models meets and are manufactured to DIN EN 124/1995 (International Relationship EN 124:1994, categories Class B-125, Class C-250 ,Class D-400, Class E-600 and Class F-900.

Alternatively they can be supplied:
• With Homologate security locking systems against burglary with codified security key
• With defences set for man access, incorporated and attached to the Access Cover
• Customized according to customer demand (logos, badges, colour, etc.)

Being standard manufacture in CARBON STEEL S275JR/1.0044 Hot –Dip Galvanized, optionally painted in EPOXY, and STAINLESS STEEL.

We are capable to offer solutions and collaboration with our customers in the Co-Design of the product. Our product has a very competitive relationship in QUALITY-PRICE-PERFORMANCE compared to other existing similar national market.

We are looking for distributors in your country, getting to customize the product for you, in order to facilitate commercial work

Production and Technical Department


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